Sermon Illustrations

I know what the tears in heaven will be

when a mom looks for children and there’s one she can’t see

after searching each mansion and her child she can’t find to know that one’s missing and lost for all time

there will be such great heartache like none ever known

to look at the circle and find one not home

can you even imagine a mom in that place

that the joy of her life

has missed out on His grace

so I ask you for Momma I ask for her sake

that you come to Jesus, and please don’t be late

For when Mom gets to heaven

you know what she’ll do

she will sit at the gate and be waiting on you

and at the last trump of God if you haven’t arrived

I know that a part of your Momma will die

there could be no worse ending than to close heaven’s door

and to know that you name will be mentioned no more

that you will be missing, that you won’t be there

is too great of a burden for your Momma to bare

so I ask you for Momma, I ask you again come into the family

by coming to Him----May 2002 SPF