Sermon Illustrations

though batttle scarred she kept the faith and never would give in a teacher and a preacher a great soldier to the end a thousand lives were touched by her, a spirit always strong

today she walks in glory another saint has now moved on

there is no doubt that she was called her gifts came shining through her life became a blessing to everyone she knew and as she stepped inside the gate they sang her heaven’s song

welcome faithful servant another saint has now moved on

I’m sure the cloud of witnesses were cheering all the way

when God announced a chosen one was arriving on this day and though we’re sure to miss her and feel sadness that she’s gone we have a joy because we know

another saint has now moved on

eternity will tell it all and then we all will know

the impact of a single life of reaching out for souls

and in that glorious number there is one who will belong who heard the Master say,"well done," another saint has now moved on---copyright 2005 spf