6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

“F. B. Meyer was pastor of Christ’s Church in London at the time that G. Campbell Morgan was pastor of Westminster Chapel and Charles H. Spurgeon was pastor of the Metropolitan Chapel. Both Morgan and Spurgeon often had much larger audiences than did Meyer. Troubled by envy, Meyer confessed that not until he began praying for his colleagues did he have peace of heart. ‘When I prayed for their success,’ said Meyer, ‘the result was that God filled their churches so full that the overflow filled mine, and it has been full since.’” [SOURCE: --BIBLE ILLUSTRATOR, Topic: Envy; Index: 1137-1138; Date: 3/1988.19]. May we do likewise and totally surrender all our envy to the Lordship of Jesus and walk in victory in the power of the Holy Spirit.