Sermon Illustrations

Nina Cameron met a woman in a nursing home who was known as hard to get along with. Most of the time she spent complaining about the nurses, food, roommates, just about anything she could think of. “She didn’t like anything about us,” Nina said, “right down to my name. For some reason she decided to call me Luke.” Trying to find some way to reach her, Nina finally asked, “Isn’t there anything you like?” The lady looked up and mumbled, “I like butterscotch candy and I like to draw.” So every time Nina went to the nursing home she gave this lady supplies to draw with. Nina asked her if she would like for her to bring the Bible and read to her. But she replied, “Luke, I don’t like that religious stuff, and I don’t want to hear anything about it again.” Eventually this woman contracted cancer, and Nina could see she was dying. She hadn’t spoken with her son in years, so Nina called him. Nina breathed a prayer to penetrate through all the past pain, and this son finally broke down. “Lady,” he said, “I don’t know who you are, but I love my mother.” This son didn’t have the money to come to see her, so Nina purchased a plane ticket for him. Over the next few days, Nina had the pleasure of seeing a mother reconcile with her son. And the next time Nina came to the nursing home, this lady had a peaceful look on her face. She looked up and said, “Luke, I love you. I want you to bring that Bible when you come back, and read it to me.”

From Dennis Rainey from Family Life