Sermon Illustrations

First we must understand -“Stuff does not bring Happpiness”

The most toured home in America is the white house. But does anyone know where the second most toured home in America is?

The second most toured home in America is in Memphis Tennessee.

It’s the 23 room home of the King of Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley. (thank you, thank you very much).

Graceland is toured by hundreds of people every day. It is a combination of the home, an amusement park and an historic site. 15 million dollars a year is brought in by those visiting and looking at the cars, clothes, airplanes, records.

And few people in his time made as much money as quickly as he did. Certainly no one else had so much fame and popularity. Elvis seemed to have it all. money, airplanes, cars, mansions. But what is all that stuff? It’s T H I N G S.

And if you go fifty yards from the back door of Graceland you find a tombstone. Aug. 16, 1977, 42 years old. An overdose of pills. Depression. He was so drugged in the last days of his life that he passed out while he was eating dinner alone and he nearly drown when his face fell in his bowl of soup.

THINGS did not do it for him. And though he had as much as anybody, he said at one point, "I would give a million dollars for one day of peace."