Sermon Illustrations

A fictional story is told of a time shortly after Jesus was raised from the dead and returned to heaven. In this made-up story, the angel Gabriel was talking with Jesus and congratulating Him on having defeated the devil with His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave. and secured the salvation of mankind. And Gabriel wanted to know what the plan was, to announce the salvation of mankind. Gabriel suggests that perhaps they should call out the angel choir and appear in the sky to proclaim to the world the good news.

And Jesus responds, “No, Gabriel, my followers are going to tell the world about Me.”

“Your followers!” Gabriel gasps. “Jesus, You can’t be serious!”

“Oh, but I am,” Jesus replies. “I’ve told the ones who believe in me to tell everyone they know abut Me. And they then will tell the ones that they know, and on and on, and, well, they’ll get the word out.”

“But Jesus,” Gabriel says, “You can’t trust them! Look at how they’ve failed! Remember how scared they were when you were arrested? Peter even denied he knew You. And, this is the most important message ever! The people of earth can experience peace with God because of what You did! Shouldn’t we angels tell the news?”

“No!” Jesus says. “My followers will spread the news.”

“But, what if they fail? What’s plan B? Can the angel choir be plan B?”

Slowly, deliberately, Jesus replied, “They must not fail. There is no plan B!”