Sermon Illustrations

From the book "A Love Worth Giving" by Max Lucado chapter 5- Harold suffered from cerebral palsy. The condition left him unable to walk, dress, feed himself, or go to the rest room. My job was to help him with this. And I didn’t like it. I had moved to St. Louis for spiritual training. Fresh out of college and ready to change the world. I was ready to make history. But I wasn’t ready to help Harold. The director of the internship program told me one day that he had a special assignment. I never thought he meant Harold. Harold loved Bible classes and worship services. My job was to help him attend both. To pick him up, to clean him up. To wheel him in, sit next to him, and take him home. To hold his fork when he ate, to wipe his mouth when he drooled. One Bible class, the teacher read Philippians 2, and after reading asked this question: “Think about the person to your left. Do you consider him more important than yourself?” I looked to my left. Guess who I saw? Harold. Harold more important than me? I had the health, the brilliant mind, the hours of graduate work. How could I regard him as more important? But God convicted me of my arrogance and began to work on my attitude. By the end of the year Harold and I had become fast friends. God worked a miracle in my heart. When word of Harold’s death reach me a year ago, I thanked God for letting me know such a teacher as Harold. God uses people like him to remind us: Put others before ourselves.