Sermon Illustrations

Some things aren’t necessarily meant to be tied in with the Bible lesson in Sunday School.

There are some people who try to tie absolutely everything to a spiritual lesson, and you know what? It drives people bonkers.

I remember one time in college when a bunch of us got together to watch a movie.

At the end of the movie, one of the guys said, “So who do you think was the ‘Christ figure’ in the movie?”

And I’m like, “Can’t you just watch a movie just to enjoy it? It’s a DISNEY movie for crying out loud!”

I can just imagine some parents driving through Texas or Florida and saying, “See that dead armadillo, kids? Even with all its outward protection, it was still no match for the pick-up that just ran over it. In the same way, we might think we’ve got things together outwardly, but you never know when the 4x4 of life will knock you dead and if you don’t have Jesus, then you’re just spiritual roadkill…”

Feel free to use real-life situations to point kids to Jesus, but think while you’re doing it, okay?