Sermon Illustrations

Saved by Sickness from NIU Shooting

The church member, a grandfather, received a phone call one evening this past week from his granddaughter who was sick and asked for prayer. The godly grandfather prayed and prayed in faith for healing. But she got worse in the night.

Early the next morning she called her granddad again for prayer, and he prayed the Word of God and prayed earnestly for healing. She had a class she couldn’t afford to miss as there was a big test she had to take.

But she got worse and couldn’t go.

The grandfather was downcast over his unanswered prayers. He was upset as he had prayed and prayed believing for his grandchild’s healing and that she could be present to take her exam.

Why didn’t God answer?

God didn’t answer, he thought.

Or, did He?

Later that day he found that his granddaughter, a college student a Northern Illinois University, would have been in the classroom taking a test where the terrible shooting occured killing 6 students. She could have been one of those killed if she had been well enough to attend class.

Maybe, God knew more. Of course, God knew more. He knows all.