Sermon Illustrations

It’s amazing what you can get away with these days, especially if you’ve got a good lawyer: Have you heard of a lawyer Dubbed "Mr Loophole" owing to his talent for finding unusual technical defenses, Mr. Freeman has represented celebrities from footballer David Beckham to snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan. He first hit the headlines in 1999 when he successfully defended Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who was accused of driving down the hard shoulder of a motorway. The loophole? Sir Alex was simply looking for a toilet because he had a stomach upset.

What we learn here about God’s judgment is its inescapable, there are no loopholes, not for the immoral not for the religious hypocrite or the moral critics of our day. Judgment is inescapable for all.

The difference between God’s judgements and our judgements is found in v2 God’s judgements is based on truth ours is often flawed based on everything but the truth... Plenty of spin just like Mr. Loophole in the court room.

Aubrey Vaughan sermon Gods Judgement Romans 2:1- 16. Application: Judgement is inescapable.