Sermon Illustrations

In the movie "Serenity" the crew of the ship Serenity find a planet that was last known to be filled with crowds of people all working together to build a world. The ship lands on the planet only to discover the streets empty of people. When the crew begins to investigate they discover the inhabitants dead at there work stations, lying dead on the floor, and dead asleep in bed.

They finally discover the terrible truth behind all of the deaths on the planet after listening to a tape left by a previous government ship. The government had discovered a new drug that brought satisfaction to the people and they had used it as a test drug on the people of the planet.

The drug did bring satisfaction to every one. The problem: they were so satisfied they no longer had ambition, drive, hunger, thirst, or any of the natural God given warnings that alert us to move. They were so satisfied they wouldn’t even get up to get food or drink. They had all died right where they were when the drug got into their system. They died of complete satisfaction...

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