Sermon Illustrations

We have just survived … I mean celebrated the bitter sweet holiday we call Valentines Day. It is bitter sweet because women love it and men fear it. Women love it because they hope against hope that the dormant section of the male brain that houses the romantic nature will miraculously come to life again. All of their romantic hopes rest upon this obscure holiday set in the depth of the winter. They wait in anticipation for a miracle of romance to occur.

While women love Valentines Day men fear it. We fear it because we do not know what our dear lady wants on any given day of the year much less this day. Why should they expect any thing different from us on Valentines Day? Yet, they do. So, we frantically try to meet expectations we can not understand nor comprehend and the stress of Valentines Day overwhelms us as we try to pull of the impossible. Such is the roller coaster of relationships and love.