Sermon Illustrations

One of he highlights of my day as a Wal-mart employee is listening to Wal-mart radio. Based upon their programming it appears that their goal is to please everyone. However, based upon the response from employees and customers alike they please no one. Like most retail stores Wal-mart Radio plays songs to go along with each season or holiday. So, as you might have guessed the month of February has been filled with songs of love. Now, I don’t know if it is on purpose or if it is accidental, but, there are times when it seems that the programming manager has a great sense of humor. I know this because last week as I was enjoying the songs of love on Wal-mart radio a song came on with the hook "Love is in the air". I thought this was an appropriate song for Valentines. However, just a few songs later a song came on with the hook "Love Stinks." So I thought, that’s what I’ve smelled.