Sermon Illustrations

Let me share an example from my own experience. I was privileged to be on the mission field of East Africa in 1963. While in Tanzania (then called Tanganyika) I was blessed to work alongside Bill Lewis, our Southern Baptist missionary to the Rungwe district near Mbeyu. Bill was one of the greatest men of God with whom I have ever been associated.

Bill told me one evening that we would leave early the next morning to preach and distribute the limited supply of aspirin in one of the villages not very far away. We only had a single bottle of one thousand aspirin to dispense. We had to be careful that we gave only one aspirin per person or else some would be left out.

After I preached, with Bill interpreting, we soon dispensed our limited supply of aspirin. Among those who received the single aspirin was a little Tanzanian woman who was noticeably crippled with...

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