Sermon Illustrations

The Secretary of an up and coming investment firm was given the job of making sure that only people whose name was on a list got into the meeting that day. Three women were patiently waiting for her to check them in. She called the first, who was nicely dressed, carrying a briefcase and had a kind, confident smile on her face. The secretary said, “How may I help you?” And the first woman said, “ I received a call from Mr. Carpenter, he said I was hired and I’m here for the meeting.” The secretary checked the list and found that her name was on it, so she let her in. The second woman walked up to the desk chewing gum and listening to headphones. “May I help you?” asked the Secretary. “Uh, yeah, I am here for the job.” The secretary checked the list and did not find her name. “Did you receive a call?” The secretary asked. “Well, no, the woman responded, but my father, my mother, and my sister all received the call so there is no need for me to get one. The secretary replied, “I’m sorry ma’am, but if you have not received a call personally, you will not be able to attend the meeting.” The third lady approached the desk, obviously nervous and frightened, noticing that something was obviously not right, the secretary asked “ Did you receive a call ma’am?” The woman responded, “ Yes, I did receive a call, but I am afraid that my name is not on the list.” “ Why is that ?” the secretary asked. “ When I received the call, I told them that I was not interested because I had other plans for my life.” “ I’m sorry ma’am, but if you did not accept the position when you received the call then your name will not be on the list.”

Do you know if your are saved? Here are some questions to help you be sure. Did you personally receive a call? If you did, did you accept the offer of salvation? There is one more point here that I feel I must stress. Did you receive the call from the Holy Spirit, or your pastor? Only the Holy Spirit is capable of calling God’s chosen people.