Sermon Illustrations


A few years ago someone coined the phrase,

God is my co-pilot.

There were bumper stickers available… other types of signs.

Having flown a lot I never did fully understand that phrase.

Do you know what the co-pilot does?

He takes over when everything is going well…

Or he might take over if the pilot was somehow incapacitated….

If God is not in control….

If God is not able to get the job done..

Just what is it I am going to add?

I think it was in 1980 I was flying co-pilot with a fellow by the name of Mike. We were traveling from Florida to Indiana in a Twin engine Rockwell 700 Commander.

It was dark out when we hit an ice storm over the mountains of Tenn.

It almost gave me vertigo… hard to tell if you were flying straight and level…

All at once the power went out…

My heart came clear up and lodged on the backend of my tongue.

Where would we be today if Mike had of turned to me and said… “Hey Gordon, you take over, I’m out of here”!

I’ll tell you were we would be… we would be fertilizer for the grass on some Tennessee mountain!

It’s the pilot that is in control… not the co-pilot. The pilot is the Captain!