Sermon Illustrations

The young boy said, “Daddy, if three frogs are sitting on a limb hanging over a pool, and one frog decides to jump, how many frogs are left on the limb?”

His dad replied, “Two.”

“No,” the son said. “Listen carefully, daddy. There are three frogs and one decides to jump. How many are left?”

Dad says, “Oh, I get it, if one decides to jump, the others would too. So there are none left.”

“No daddy—there are three left on the limb. The first frog only DECIDED to jump.”

Kids jokes are great, aren’t they? I wonder, though. Are some of us still sitting on the limb? Maybe you decided last year to jump in deep with God, but are now surprised that twelve months have passed with less progress than you hoped for. We may need reminding that it does not do any good to “sit-up-and-take-notice,” if we just keep sitting.