Sermon Illustrations

Spiritual Events

When I was a Sophomore in college I was taking a shortcut on a country road to avoid heavy traffic on the freeway. I was traveling at about fifty miles an hour or so. This road was a beautiful drive meandering through vineyards, orchards and ranches, it ambled over rolling hills, twisting this way and that….and suddenly, as I was entering a curve, a pickup truck filled up my windshield coming at me, head on, in my lane.

Then in super slow motion, I swerved off the road missing the truck, spinning on the shoulder. I was able to pull the car out of the spin, but that put me through a barb wire fence and barreling into a farmer’s field. There was so much dust, that I had no idea what was left or right or even up or down. Then bam! My car came to a stop. My car was smoking like crazy, so I unhooked my seatbelt, and jumped out of my car…..into four feet of muddy, foul, slimy - water, and stood chest deep looking face to face with this huge steer.

After walking back to the road and gathering myself together, the Highway Patrolman who was called to the accident pointed out the amazing route my car had taken. He said to me, “You are lucky to be alive kid. You missed that telephone pole over there by just a couple of inches. You drove through an entire herd of cattle, missing every single one, and you missed that huge oak tree by less than a foot. Young man, someone is watching over you.”

I stood there and realized that what had just happened to me was more than a series of events. I realized that, not once, not twice, but three times God had intervened on my behalf. What I had experienced was more than an accident, it was more than a material event and more than an emotional event – it was a powerful spiritual event that I couldn’t see until I stepped away from the incident.