Sermon Illustrations

We can glorify God by how we react to life and death.

Some of you know Dorothy Krist a lady who was a member of our congregation for over 20 years.

For much of that time Dorothy had cancer.

And she encouraged me to use her story whenever I saw fit.

She spent the last three months of her life in Mount Vincent nursing home, quiet ill.

But even during this time her perspective on life and dieing was inspirational to many.

She was positive.

She was pleasant.

Not because she expected some miraculous physical healing, but because she knew that her loving God was with here and would ultimately take her to her heavenly home free from all pain and suffering.

Now what was interesting was this rubbed off on many people including the carers.

I remember talking to two of her carers who said she is so inspirational and this was at a time she was physically incapable of doing...

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