Sermon Illustrations

Does this event describe worship? “Rays of late afternoon sun gild the hushed sanctuary filled with hundreds of expectant devotees. From the vaulted ceiling a camera pans the scene. Holding their breath as one, the congregation watches the mitered priest walk down the aisle, slowly approaching the chancel. His brightly colored vestments add to the joyful ambiance. There is not a cough nor a whisper as he kneels on the lush carpet seeking divine blessing for the offering. Moments of prayerful waiting follow. The bishop stands and grips his scepter, all eyes fasten on the calm figure. All ears tune to the awaited word. Then the tap of his staff is followed by a deeper silence. The flock in unison gazes at the pure chalice. Then a grand oratorio of praise explodes. He raises his scepter and approaches the altar. One voice, then another and another exult, ‘That is his third birdie today!’”