Sermon Illustrations

Three longs days have passed since the fire has gone out. Gloominess engulfs the earth. Hatred has triumphed over love and compassion. War has defeated peace. Patience has been obliterated by anxiety and kindness has been annihilated by cruelty. Jubilation has been abolished by feelings of grief and sorrow. The foundation of faith has failed. The cornerstone of conviction is cracked. The basis of belief has been blown apart. The labor of loyalty is now loathed. The devotion to devoutness is damaged. The commitment to compassion has been compromised. And the determination of discipleship has been destroyed.

But yet, deep in the hearts and character of his elect the fire smolders. The flames of faith, even though dampened by disillusionment and contained by contentment, still live on in the recesses of the soul. All it will take is the fortitude to flame the embers of enthusiasm once again.

What will that take? When will it happen? What can be expected? Will it occur just as the fire has predicted? Is it now time for the fire to be rekindled into a blaze of glory once again?

Yes! The sealed tomb is open! It is empty! He is not here! The grave could not contain Him! He has risen as He said! He’s alive! Like the legendary phoenix raising out of the ashes the fire is aflame with its fullness once again! Yet this is no legend! It is authentic! The fire is blazing around the world forever more! Blaze, Spirit Blaze! Set the World on fire! Yes, out of a pile of ash rises an all encompassing fire! Once again, we can feel its warmth! Once again, our darkness is dispelled! No more doubt! No more need to deny knowing Him! No more necessity for betrayal.

Our discipleship had been dampened; our commitment, compressed; our devoutness, deterred; our loyalty, lacking; our belief system, bothered; our conviction, crushed; our faith, floundered; our joy, jostled; our patience, perplexed; our peace, pelted; our love, lowered; and our compassion, cooled. Yet, now the firestorm of Jesus is burning deep within your and my soul! Our discipleship is now determined to be dutiful; our commitment, catchy; our devoutness, definite; our loyalty, likely; our belief system, bona fide; our conviction, certain; our faith, full; our joy, jubilant; our patience, practical; our peace, pure; our love, lively; and our compassion, compliant and dutiful. Out of the ashes, comes the Savior of the world.