Sermon Illustrations

The song that we sang earlier, “In Christ Alone,” is a hymn that tells the story of Jesus. Imagine if the song would end with the words,

“There in the ground His body lay,

Light of the world by darkness slain:”

But it doesn’t end there. That is not the end because it goes on and this is my favorite part of the whole song.

“Then bursting forth in glorious Day

Up from the grave He rose again!”

Jesus offers us Living Water. Jesus calls us live for Him. Jesus calls us to go “All in” by turning our will and our life over to Him. “Let me handle the details. Trust in me, the risen one!” Going “All in” is to say to Jesus, “Here I am. Here is my life. It is no longer mine but yours. Pour your life into me. Jesus, may you live your life through me.”