Sermon Illustrations

Veteran newsman Howard Smith tells a wonderful remark from Winston Churchill the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After the fall of France to the Nazis in May, 1940, until December 1941, Great Britain basically fought the war against Germany alone. President Roosevelt did what he could to help the British, but too many voices in America called on him to keep out of “another of Europe’s wars.” In London, when Winston Churchill received news of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he knew exactly how this nation would respond. He is said to have uttered, “So- we have won!”

I can imagine that when the Lord Jesus went to the cross and His disciples scattered, when the nails were driven in and the forces of hell were cackling with glee, when the Savior breathed his last and it looked like all His work had come to naught, an angel in heaven turned to another and said, “So- we have won.”