Sermon Illustrations

Philip Keller in his book ’A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23’ speaks about one flock of sheep he watched as they were being led by the shepherd to what was a most magnificent and beautiful mountain stream…

"The snow-fed waters were flowing pure and clear and crystal clean between lovely banks of trees. But on the way several stubborn ewes and their lambs stopped instead to drink from small, dirty, muddy pools beside the trail. The water was filthy and polluted not only with the churned up mud from the passing sheep but even with the manure and urine of previous flocks that had passed that way. Still these stubborn sheep were quite sure it was the best drink obtainable."

Sometimes that’s what happens to us when we get in a hurry and refuse to wait on the shepherd’s best – we get an inferior product, even though we think it is the best we can find.