Sermon Illustrations

My son Timothy has just had his 13th Birthday last Monday, but when he was a toddler he was very taken with the Mr. Men series written by Roger Hargreaves.

One of the books he particularly liked me to read to him was Mr. Topsy Turvy.


Mr. Topsy Turvy is a chap who does everything the wrong way round. He lives in a house with an upside down chimney-stack, and he wears his hat upside down. He puts his socks on his hands, and when he goes to buy them he gets the order of the words the wrong way round:

“I’d like a sock of pairs”, he asks.

At the end of the book there is a question that Roger Hargreaves asks:

‘Can you think of something to say that’s topsy turvy? Go on try!’

Being a big kid at heart I’m going to answer that question:


It doesn’t seem very topsy turvy to us, but to many of the Jews at the time of Jesus, and also since then, - that statement would definitely seem topsy turvy!