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“Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation spends millions of dollars regularly since 1999 on television and other forms of media advertising offering the free book, “Power for Living”. Non-denominational pastor and author Jamie Buckingham wrote the book. DeMoss’ business reached half a billion dollars in assets. An economic recession resulted in Arthur’s stock plummeting so that he was losing $3 million per day, and lost $360 million dollars in four months. Citing one source, “The story tells that rather than becoming devastated and decreasing his gifts to God, Arthur increased his giving on every front. When asked why he did this he said, “The Lord gave me everything I have. It all belongs to Him and if he wants to take it away that’s His business. I don’t lose any sleep. I still have a wonderful family. I will do anything God wants me to do. If He takes away everything He has entrusted to me and calls me to the mission field, I’m ready to go. All He needs to do is tell me.” (Anon)

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