Sermon Illustrations

People with Conviction

In the events of the bridge collaple here in Minneapolis this past week, you have probably heard of countless examples of people acting with conviction.

• Ed Nelson M.P.D. - when you encounter a situation like that, you just do it.

• Shannon Hanson E.M.T. - "It’s just part of the job,"

• Jay Reeves, Red Cross - "What I did," he said, "that’s what I do. I’m a public servant."

• Jeremy Hernandez, helped on the bus - "They are like my brothers and little sisters. They are part of me,"

• Lori Peterson - "Then, I really got this deep-seated feeling that I needed to ask people if they wanted to pray," she said. She hesitated, but then she shouted out, "Does anyone want to pray for the people on the bridge?"

The crowd "looked at me like I was nuts," she said. She shouted out her request two more times. A young woman raised her hand and said, "Yeah, I want to pray with you."