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Author Bernard Anderson in Out of the Depths speaks of this remembering the multitudes and the house of God and makes a worthy observation. He says, "This is not a longing for a one-to-one relationship with God in mystic solitude. The poet yearns to be surrounded by the believing and worshiping community; to participate in the worship services of the Temple and to celebrate with the people the presence of God in their midst. This is not the kind of private piety or spiritual individualism that is often manifest in churches today."

There are too many people who become recluse when we can't get up. Instead of getting surrounded with people to help us, most of us try to eat the problem away or starve the problem away and stay behind closed doors. When life is toughest we stay home from church. When we can't pull it together we withdraw. In is in these times we need to be surrounded by church people and celebrate God's presence!

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