Sermon Illustrations

A few nights ago I was watching the TV show 20/20. The nights episode was on the subject of Hell and of course with this show they gave many views. Few that was close to the truth.

They had one opinion that Hell was some trash dump just outside of Jerusalem well they would burn trash and dead carcasses of animals. Smoke, fire, sounds like Hell, just not sure where the darkness comes in.

They had a Minister who was labeled a Heretic because he began preaching ’Nobody Goes to Hell’ and his church of 6,000 diminished to 300. He claims he heard a voice that told him that a loving God would not send anyone to hell, that hell is something we experience here on earth. But in order to sale this theory he had to denounce the Bible so he teaches that the Bible was just a story written by men. This is a minister who at one time had rubbed shoulders with the best of them; Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell.

They had a confected killer who was serving three life terms and showed no remorse; who states that. “If he goes to hell, so be it”.

They had others who say they survived hell on earth. They had one who survived the Holocaust, another a nun who survived a kidnapping and was repeatedly raped and tortured.

The only one who came close to my view of hell was one man named Matthew Dovel who says he has had two near-death experiences, and seen visions of both heaven and hell. He almost drowns at the age of 12 and saw the light and was met by Jesus who told him he had to return. Then after a life of booze and drugs, he decided that he couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to go back to the place he had been as a boy, so he tried to commit suicide only to find his self in a very different world; A place called hell.

From Dean Meadows’ Sermon: The “What” in the Hell