Sermon Illustrations

On June 18, 1956, a freak accident happened on a lake in New York. A speeding motorboat bounced on a wave and shot into the water two of its passengers, a 50-year old man and a little girl. To keep the girl from drowning, the man held her head above water while the boat circled back to pick them up. They rescued the girl. But the man sank and drowned.

That’s how Dawson Trotman died. Most of you don’t know the name Dawson Trotman, but some of you have heard of an organization called the Navigators. Dawson was the founder of the Navigators, an international Christian Discipleship Ministry. According to a quote in Time Magazine, “He lived to save others. His death was just the way he would have planned it.” I read somewhere that his obituary reads like this: “Dawson...

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