Sermon Illustrations

Have you ever seen the show American Gladiators?

Used to watch? Now its new again

I love to see the contestants get the best of these beasts of men

Me and the kids where watching the other day

And this small 5’10” 160 man got the best of this group of Gladiators

One of these guys was 6’8” 270 THAT’S HUGE

You would think the contestant didn’t have a chance against him

But the Gladiator didn’t win simply because he was this huge monster of a man

Israel didn’t achieve victory simply because they were Israel, the mighty conquerors of fallen Jericho

Just like we don’t win victory simply because we are Christians.

We must be Christians striving after the holy mind and will of God if we would be over comers.

This defeat caused the nation of Israel’s hearts to melt.

They lost all confidence.

Thus their defeat was complete.