Sermon Illustrations

Gary Larson, the artist responsible for the Far Side cartoons that used to appear in the Sunday comics

Had a knack for making us realize the obvious

In one particular cartoon

There were a group of scientists gathered around another scientist

The one is the middle was normal looking

But the others were grotesque

Huge eyes, hideous noses, monstrous lips, elongated faces

They were trying to get the normal looking guy to take a drink out of a steaming jar

The caption said “Laboratory peer pressure”

If people could see how ugly sin is

And how much it distorts them

They would stay away from it too.

If we could see how much it would distort those around us as well we would flee even faster.

Its easy to fool those around us

We can put fronts on to trick people we see every day

It can be even easier to do that at church

Someone you usually don’t see but once a week

But outside appearances don’t tell the true story from the inside

Maybe this morning you are hiding a secret sin inside

Covering it up so that no one can know you are struggling

That sin is eating away at you shredding your heart.

That secret sin is a burden weighing heavy on your back.

It may cause you to stumble and hurt the reputation of God

Don’t cover that secret sin up anymore

Hiding your needs from God is ignoring the only one who can really help

God welcomes your honest prayer

And wants you to express your true feelings to Him

Bring it to God, remove that cherished sin from your heart

Take the burden off of your back

Don’t allow this secret sin to stay hidden and cause you to stumble.