Sermon Illustrations

Every Christian should know the steps needed to lead a person to Christ. I remember back in a western town in Australia being stopped by 6 teenagers when they heard me say hello to them. They asked me if I was an American and what was I doing in their town. I told them we were there in the City Hall starting a crusade that night. They asked why? I quickly gave them a short version of my testimony. The leader asked me what they needed to do to be saved? Because of knowing the Word I able to lead those 6 boys to Jesus there on the sidewalk. That night 5 of them brought their families to the crusade and all were won to Christ. The next night the 6th boy brought his family and they to came to Christ and all became part of the local church that we planted there. If I did not know the steps to lead a person to Jesus, what a loss that would be for the Kingdom of God. Here are some basic steps all Christians should know.