Sermon Illustrations

You know there are some things that I hate

Like deviled eggs, there is nothing about deviled eggs that I like

I don’t like the smell, the looks, or especially the taste

Its safe to say I hate deviled eggs

Some people dislike boxing or NASCAR or competitive eating as a sport

Some hate bell bottom pants, or rainy days, or Mondays

I suppose we all have things which are less than our favorites

But what do you really hate?

We talk about God’s love, but there are some things that God hates

God hates pride, lying, and hypocrisy, just to name a few

And with a passion!

But He never stops loving us

So while vehemently against those things, those attitudes and those actions which can hurt us

His love for the person is always there

God hates the sin but He still loves the sinner

And just think of all the sins committed in all of eternity

From the little white lies all the way up to the most horrible sin you can think of

Every sin from the fall of Adam, until God establishes His eternal Kingdom with the saints

Was placed on Jesus on that cross

His only Son who with every drop of blood covered each and every sin

And that is How God loves you

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