Sermon Illustrations

It has been interesting to have a female cat in the house because there have been moments, when either real or playing, one of the boys has cried and Hanna (yes that is her name, Hanna) has come running to check them out.

She gets in their face and sniffs and by her actions you can tell she is seeing if she can do something to comfort them. Once when they were wrestling and faking pain, she came running and began to lick their hair!

I cannot help but believe that it is her material instinct that causes her to do this. She has it in her to care and comfort.

Now, as I think about a recent experience in which I observed this reflex take place, I think about my response to the situation in which real tears were being shed.

I basically looked for blood and then when I saw none, I made some conclusions, after asking some questions of the hurt party, that in addition to have ‘it’ hurt there was also a very weary and tired soul at that moment within the injured body. But Hanna kept circling around to see if something could be done.

Jim Kane