Sermon Illustrations

Well noted author and marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman is very famous for his Book the “Five Love Languages”. He wrote the book and developed this system of identifying what makes your mate feel loved, what is it that really makes him or her feel like you love them. The five love languages according to Dr. Chapman are:

1. Words of affirmation. If that is your mates love language then when you compliment them or speak words to affirm them then they feel like you love them.

2. Quality Time. Your mate feels most loved when you spend physical time together, doing activities that they love to do.

3. Receiving Gifts. People who speak this love language often feel that a lack of gifts represents a lack of love from their mate.

4. Acts of Service. If this is your love language then when your mate does chores around the house that you would otherwise have to do, then you feel the most loved.

5. Physical Touch. Many mates feel the most loved when they receive physical contact from their partner.

Once you learn your mates love language you are taught by Dr. Chapman to do frequent love tank check ups on your mate to see how full or empty their love tank is, if it is empty then you need to work on filling it.

Just like in our physical relationships we have a love tank, we also have a spiritual love tank, when our spiritual love tank is full we will tend to do more spiritual things such as pray, study the bible, attend worship services, give more to the poor or needy. But when our spiritual love tank is low or empty we tend to not be so spiritual.