Sermon Illustrations

Doing your job for the approval of Jesus, you’ll always do more than the bare minimum.

Insert: In the time of Jesus, the Jews were under the domination of the Roman Empire. A Roman soldier had the legal authority to demand that any Jew carry his equipment for exactly one mile. Jews hated to do this, and they bitterly counted each step. At exactly one mile, they dropped the load and said w/ disgust, “There! I’ve done what is required!” But Jesus requires a higher standard for His followers. He said, “If someone forces you to go one mile, go w/ him two miles.” (Mt. 5:41) Jesus’ point was that a Roman solider wouldn’t soon forget the person who cheerfully carried his equipment the second mile.

Insert: Are you a 1 mile worker or a 2 mile worker? Do you do only the bare minimum or do you go the 2nd mile and leave the mark of excellence on your work? People always remember second-mile-worker.

From Joseph Rodgers’ Sermon: Our WORK