Sermon Illustrations

Story: The other day I had someone complaining about the church of today. She said the church should be the one taking care of the widows and the people in need!” She went on to say that the church does not give enough to help people out who are financially hurting or in crisis. She went on to say that she felt that the church should be taking care of the needy in the church not the government. I asked listened and then asked her a question: “Do you tithe?” She looked at me real sheepishly and said “Well no!” I responded with this statement, “I agree with you that the church should be doing more to help out those in need and it is our responsibility to do so but the problem in the church today is that Christians only give about 2% of their income to the Lord’s work and the Bible requires us to give 10% of our income to the church.” I then stated, “If all the Christians in the church tithed, like they were suppose too, then the church would have the resources to meet the needs of the less fortunate. She then said “Oh” and changed the subject.

From Michael McCartney’s Sermon: “Role-Model Saints” Romans part 16