Sermon Illustrations

Not long ago the epic poem “Beowulf” was made into the first all-CGI movie. Hollywood succeeded where our schools have often failed in etching this tragic tale and it’s monster Grendel in the minds of a new generation. I mention this because I want us to understand that each of us also have our own ’Grendel.’ A grotesque monster that can’t bear to allow us true, joyful fellowship, victory or celebration in Christ. One who, at any hint of such, must interrupt and end it with suffering and destruction. Of course, the real tragedy is that this monster Grendel is the product of our own dark secrets and sins. Our own selfish and greedy adultery with an enticing siren of evil.

Even the most godly among us must be aware of what ’Grendel’ of our own folly lies in some dark cave waiting to emerge and demolish our accomplishments, hopes and dreams.