Sermon Illustrations

Introduction: Are you ready for some football! We are only 48 days 3hrs and approximately 30 minutes to the kick off of Alabama football. Foot ball in Alabama is more than a sport. It is a way of life. We live foot ball 365 days a year. It is almost like a religion. In fact we begin to indoctrinate our children with our foot ball theology even before they come out of the womb. Every Alabamian at some point in their childhood must declare their team affiliation whether they want to or not.

Football fans do crazy things. We will pack up our RV’s and head to the parking lot of our favorite ball team so that we can gill out and watch the game on television when we could have done that same thing at home on our own patio.

Fans are finicky. When things are going good for the team we fill the stands and cheer them on. But, when the chips are down we criticize every play. We bad mouth the players and the coach. We talk about the way it used to be. Fans come in frenzies. They feed on the excitement and vanish when the difficult times come.

The sad truth is that many Christians today resemble football fans. They rally around the excitement and they run from the work. They encourage in the good times and criticize when things are not going so well. They fill the pew and wait to be entertained.

From Ronnie Knight’s Sermon: "Jesus Wants Followers Not Fans"