Sermon Illustrations

the law was to remind us that we were guilty for violating that law, the down side of that was that the law did not provide a satisfactory pardon for anyone who broke the law. So the law has its limitations. I am reminded of something that recently happened to my older brother. He is a long distance bus driver and he often made trips into Canada. He made so many trip into Canada that he started knowing the border people by name and they knew him, on both sides of the border. But one day they stopped his bus for a pre-entrance security check setup by Canada’ Homeland Security. And they found an infraction on my brother’s record that happened over forty years ago, and they would not allow him to enter into Canada. Now mind you, my brother had paid the penalty for that crime through the correctional system, and he thought that he had satisfied the judges verdict. In other words, he did the crime and he served the time. When he went to the embassy with paper work in his hands to prove this, he was informed that there was no reciprocity for a felony charge without going through a long legal process, and even then there would be no guarantee that he would be allowed to enter into Canada again. I tell you this is an example of the law having limitations. This is a classic example of the law became a burden, and it could not correct our wrong to make us righteous. But there is some good news for us. God made a way out from our guilt of sin. He sent His own Son in our likeness. He condemned sin in the flesh. In other words He brought salvation to us through the death of His earthly body.