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A Lutheran Youth Fellowship '07 poll finds 28% cite their personal faith as their top concern while 23.8% say the future; 23.3% family relationships; 23.1% college and 16.3% unbelievers. Others included terrorism 9.4% and war 7.9%. 58.4% of respondents said pre-marital sex is always wrong, down from 63.3% in '04. 65.8% said homosexuality is always wrong vs.70% in '03 and 75.8% in ’95. On the issue of same-sex "marriage," 14.5% support the practice, while another 11.7% support gay civil unions. Only 57% said marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman, down from 85.9% in '01. Additionally, only 39.9% can recite the Common Doxology, vs. 48.7% in '98. 32.2% checked "What's the Common Doxology" and 24.8% said they can't recite the doxology. (Christian Post 1/8/08)

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  • Choices  PRO

    Contributed by Marcus Rosa on Sep 20, 2004
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    How in the world did Lot end up in such a mess? One word—choices. —Something each of us has in common. Every single day... every single moment we make choices. —What to eat. What to wear. What to say. What to do. How to act. —You’ve made a thousand choices before you arrived here this more

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