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An ad on TV shows all the junk in the sea being taken out, until the water is pure, (Old spitfires, warships and wrecks etc.) Unfortunately it is an alcohol ad that portrays the product as "pure water"?

Isn't that just like man, to make what is good evil and what is evil good? Alcohol is anything but pure. Nevertheless, the ad always catches my attention, as what lies beneath the ocean is a fascination for me, but you know if that ad were really accurate, propelling from the ocean would be things like murder, rape, drunkenness, abuse, deceit, envy greed, malice, violence, hatred, etc.

The sea doesn't just hold the wrecks of man's engineering or maritime failures, but the wrecks of people's lives, because that is where God has cast our sins. Thankfully, just as the ad presents the fictitious retrieval of all the junk in the oceans, so too any notion that our sins may be retrieved is totally impossible. God is forgiving.

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