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In 1956 during the Mau Mau uprisings in East Africa, a band of roving Mau Maus came the village of Lauri, surrounded it, and killed all 300 inhabitants - including all the women and children. Armed with spears, bows and arrows, clubs and torches they next went three miles away to the Rift Valley Academy - a school for missionary children.

It was dark. Lighted torches could be seen surrounding the academy. Shouts and curses could be heard form the Mau Maus. They began to advance on the school, tightening the circle, shouting louder and louder, coming closer. Then, inexplicably, when they were close enough to throw their spears, they stopped. They began retreating and soon were running into the jungle.

The army was called out and captured the raiders. At their trial, the leader was on the witness stand. The judge questioned him. "On this particular night did you kill the inhabitants of Lauri?"


"Well, then, why did you not complete the mission? Why didn't you attack the school?"

The leader answered, "We were on our way to attack and destroy all the people and the school . . . but as we came closer, all of a sudden, between us and the school there were many huge men, dressed in white with flaming swords and we became afraid and ran to hide!"

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