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The woman at the well in John 4 was like the women Dr. Laura Schlessinger had in mind when she wrote a book called, "Ten Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives." Here are 5 of them ---

(Now, keep in mind, these didn’t come from me. I’m quoting from the Table of Contents.)

1. Stupid Attachment: You look to a man to find and define yourself.

2. Stupid Courtship: Desperate to have a man, you become a beggar, not a chooser in the dating relationship.

3. Stupid Devotion: You are driven to love and suffer and appease in vain.

4. Stupid Passion: You have sex too soon and set yourself up to get burned.

5. Stupid Cohabitation: Stop lying to yourself! You’re not living with him because you love him. You’re living with him because you hope he’ll want you!”

The book is based on thousands of calls Dr. Laura has received on her radio talk show. Things haven’t changed much from the days of the Woman at the Well, have they? The truth is, if you take gender out of those five stupid things, they are true for men as well as women.

All of us can fall into the trap of looking for love in all the wrong places. We try to quench spiritual thirst with plain old well water --- we use relationships or status or career --- or we turn to alcohol and drugs --- or we try to satisfy our thirst with entertainments and accumulation of lots of STUFF. We make the same mistakes over and over. And over and over we get left HIGH and DRY. Maybe you know someone like that. Maybe you ARE someone like that.

Jesus offers the ONLY solution for our parched lives. Jesus has offered you and me the same Living Water that he offered the woman at the well.

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