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A eleven-year-old boy passed tracts out with his pastor father on Sunday afternoons, but it was pouring down rain so he told his son he wasn't going. The boy asked, "Aren't people still going to hell when it's raining?" So the boy went alone.

The next Sunday, an elderly lady stood up and said she wanted to share with the congregation. She said that her husband had died about a week ago, and she couldn't go on without him. So she took a rope and a chair to the attic to kill herself. She put the rope around her neck and got on the chair, but a knock on the door caused her to pause. They will go away, she thought. No one come to visit me anyway. But the knocking continued, and then they walked away. Then they came back and knocked again. She got down and opened the door and found a drenched little boy with a tract saying that God loves me. She said she read the tract and gave her heart to Jesus, and she wanted to come to the address of the church on the back to thank the boy for coming.

God has a plan even when our world is upside down. Dr Richard Dobbins taught us "God already has a solution to your crisis, and he has already seen the other side of the trial, and he will take you there if you allow him." Will you let him?

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