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“Volunteers raise their hand to be called on.

Servants are called by the Hand of God.

Volunteers do work for God.

Servants do work with God.

Volunteers get tired of the work,

Servants are tired in the work.

Volunteers pray their work will succeed.

Servants succeed as they pray for their work.

Volunteers serve from their commitment.

Servants serve in their surrender.

Volunteers come and go as they please.

Servants are pleased to come and stay.

Volunteers are faced with ministry problems.

Servants are faced with ministry opportunities.

Volunteers teach the Bible Story to others.

Servants are the Living Bible Story to others.

Volunteers want to be led in ministry.

Servants lead in ministry.

Volunteers love the Ministry

Servants love Jesus in the ministry.

Volunteers serve under their supervisor.

Servants serve God alone.

Volunteers see their...

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