6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Today is Nigeria’s 32nd Independence anniversary. At a time like this, every one of us needs to ask the question whether the independence we are celebrating today has any relevance to the one we got in the year 1960.

In the same vein, many of us Christians need to ask ourselves whether the freedom we knew when we first gave our lives to Jesus Christ is still the same today. You know it is possible for everyone who come to church like this to keep claiming, 'I am a Christian,' even when his name is no longer in God’s register.

In Lagos for example, everyone claims to be a Lagosian, but when you see a Lagosian-proper you will identify him by his look and speech. I dare not tell anyone that I am a Lagosian because my accent is going to prove otherwise.

The easiest way to know where most Nigerians come from is by listening to their pronunciation of certain words. Ask a Yoruba person from Oyo/Osun states to pronounce CHAMPION and he would say SAMPION, and SANGE for CHANGE. Our friends from Akwa Ibom/Rivers states would say YAMPION instead of champion. The Igbos pronounce SEKURITY for SECURITY and ELUPHANT for ELEPHANT. The Hausa/Fulani pronounce FAWER for POWER. And it does not matter how much you educate an Ijesha/Ekiti person, you will occasionally hear him pronouncing SANINDE for SUNDAY.

What about your life makes people KNOW you're a Christian? How would people know that Christ made His mark on your life?

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