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Imagine a fish. This fish really likes minnows. So Mr. Fish swims around the edges of the pond where minnows live in the shallows. He has had several close calls at the north end when he thought he saw a minnow, but narrowly escaped when he felt a hook as he bit down and he swam away.

Twice, he bit and actually got caught, but thankfully once he was able to wiggle off while he was being reeled in, and once the fisherman thought he was too small and let him go. He has learned that the shallows on the North end of the pond is where he always encounters the hook.

Mr. Fish has a choice to make.

• He can avoid the North end and find minnows elsewhere

• He can change his diet and start going after bugs instead of minnows

• Or he can keep doing the same thing he has always done, think:

• Hey, I’ve been caught twice, and I’m still around

• I’ve felt the hook and escaped more times than that, I can handle it

• I know where the danger is

• I’ll just be smarter and keep my eyes peeled for those hooks

• .... hey, that’s a big juicy minnow

If you don’t want to get caught by the hook, stay away from the bait!

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