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D. M. Lloyd Jones writes, "If you are ansious to obtain some benefits from the Queen of England, the first thing you have to discuss is, 'How can I get into Buckingham Palace? What have I to do to get admission? Then how do I approach this great personage?' It is too obvious in that realm, and yet we pay no attention to this when seeking blessings from God. We go to God and expect to get all we ask for at once. But that is not possible. All blessings come through Jesus Christ, and we must first be at peace with God (Romans 5)."

Peace with God is what we need first; it's important to reflect upon this, because there is so much inadequate Christian teaching today proclaiming the blessings first to people: 'Come to Jesus, don't worry about repentance. Do you want a friend, a buddy? Do you need help? Do you want happiness? Do you want prosperity? Do you want peace and joy? Do you want to be healed? Then come to Jesus.'

The problem with this type of teaching is it all starts with us and our needs. Jesus becomes the one who will satisfy those needs. He becomes like a baby's pacifier, meeting the child's temporary needs 'til it squawks again!

But before we can have our needs met, we first have the need for peace with God. We can have no benefits from God until we have the benefit of peace with God first.

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